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Apple called cylindrical Mac Pro mistake

In 2013, Apple introduced a completely redesigned workstation Mac Pro. The appearance impressed many. Unlike traditional boxes, filling Mac Pro was enclosed in a small cylindrical housing. Looked impressive, but there was one problem: because of this specific design to upgrade many of the components of the computer became impossible. The 2013 Mac Pro update was not. And now Apple has acknowledged that it is not always the solution to go on about the design at the expense of functionality is correct.

The current Mac Pro is architected around a unified thermal core is cylindrical, which allows the system to efficiently share thermal capacity across all processors. According to the company, the cooling system is as silent as the Mac mini. Everything was good, but the thing – a computer designed for use in a professional environment for calculations, graphics, content creation, etc. and in light of the decreasing periods of release of new hardware (processors, boards with DDR4, GPU, etc.) the owners wanted to upgrade computers more productive components.

And here is the specific radiator in the form of a prism with triangular base has imposed restrictions on the part of the update. So much so that Apple itself was unable to release the update to its desktop for all these years. In return, the company promises to release in the new year “completely redesigned” desktop.

It seems copertina finally understood the needs of the audience professional workstations and may now release less than a proprietary and closed solution. Senior Apple Vice President of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller said that the Apple designers are working on a rethinking of the Mac Pro, which will separately produce professional monitor. The team involved in the creation of both products is said to have received a clear signal to get around in the new system, some design limitations of the current model. Obviously, we are talking about the wide capabilities of easy upgrades, which is lacking in the owners of current Mac Pro.

Senior Vice President of Apple software development Craig Federighi said that with the release of the Mac Pro sample 2013, the company has driven itself into a corner. “We wanted to do something truly impressive and unique that could stand out against the rest. But we completely lost sight of at the time, so it is a possibility in the future to be hostage to his own concept,” said Federighi.

Schiller told reporters that the thermoregulatory limitations of the Mac Pro did not allow them to upgrade, and very sorry to disappoint the consumers of Apple products. I must say, the admission of error and apology — an extremely rare occurrence for Apple, sticking to the rules Steve jobs “people don’t know what they want until you tell them not to show”. Nevertheless, copertina honestly said about the failure with its concept of the desktop.

“The ability to install more powerful graphics subsystem requires the use of a different system architecture and greater capacity for thermoregulation than what was originally designed the design of the Mac Pro. So for us it was quite challenging to adapt,” commented top managers of Apple.

The share of desktops from Apple, in comparison with similar products on Windows is very small, but Apple still earns quite well on their computers. Mac sales in monetary terms about $25 billion That is with annual turnover of a business to produce Mac computers, if you select it into a separate company, can enter into top 100 largest companies in the U.S. according to Fortune magazine.

Apple also revealed the structure of the sales of Mac computers. Share MacBook is 80%, whereas the remaining 20% is in the supply of Mac Pro and iMac. Although the Mac Pro and iMac occupy only a fifth of the total sales, Apple will actively develop these lines.

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