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Apple bought the developer of devices and apps to track your sleep Beddit

Apple acquired the manufacturer of devices and software for tracking sleep Beddit. First, the deal announced the publication of CNBC, after the official confirmation appeared on the website of the company.

Beddit has warned that after the transaction, personal data of the users of its devices will be collected and used in accordance with the rules of Apple. The company did not disclose details of the transaction.

Finnish company Beddit was founded in 2007 and has attracted about $3.5 million the Company is developing apps and devices that track the performance of a user’s sleep. In particular, the last product, Beddit 3, is a thin strip of sensors that are placed in bed and record the duration and quality of sleep, pulse, respiration, temperature, movement, sleeping, snoring, temperature and humidity in the room. The device will cost about $150.

Beddit products will help Apple to improve the Health app and provide users with devices more data about sleep. Analysts do not exclude that changes in the software is not limited. Apple developers can extend the capabilities of “smart” watches Apple Watch, which can be new sensors and features for tracking sleep quality.

About the first results of the collaboration of Apple and Beddit we may find out on June 5 presentation 11 watchOS and iOS 4 in WWDC conference 17.

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