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Apple bought the company InVisage Technologies, which is developing a compact image sensors

Apple bought the company InVisage Technologies, reports TechCrunch. She has developed a compact image sensors, are able to absorb more light.

Rumors of the deal emerged last week, but officially it was only confirmed now.

An Apple spokesperson confirmed the purchase InVisage Technologies, and added:

Apple from time to time buys smaller technology companies, we generally do not discuss our purpose and plans.

The main product of the company is the QuantumFilm sensor. It combines software and hardware. Traditional image sensors are based on silicon, and the base of QuantumFilm material is used, developed by InVisage Technologies. It is ten times thinner than the silicon sensors, it absorbs more light.

Probably the sensor InVisage Technologies will be used in future iPhone cameras. In modern smartphones Apple cameras third party manufacturers. The company develops only the image processor, which plays the most important role in the quality of pictures, speed focusing and many additional features. Based on recent Apple acquisition, it can be assumed that the company is developing its own camera module that can capture more light.

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