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Apple bought the business Toshiba for the production of microchips as part of the international consortium

A few weeks ago it became known that Apple plans to buy the business Toshiba for the production of processors. According to Reuters, the company managed to get a stake in the international consortium.

Toshiba had to make to sell part of production to get additional funding and to cover the losses from the nuclear programs of the United States. As a result, the company decided to sell the unit for the creation of microchips. According to Bloomberg, one of the potential buyers of Apple.

According to the publication Reuters, the unit was sold, however, not one buyer, and the international consortium, which was Bain Capital, SK Hynix, Dell and Apple. The total amount of the transaction amounted to 22 billion dollars, of which three have paid Apple.

Official confirmation of the transaction will take place later. It is now known that the consortium had at the disposal of 49.9% of the stock units, Toshiba has kept 40%, and the remaining 10.1 percent are subject to further sale.

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