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Apple bought a startup engaged in the development of AR/VR-helmet

Apple has hired employees of the company Vrvana to work on its own AR device. This was announced by the publication TechCrunch.

Apple bought Vrvana for $ 30 million. Representatives of both companies refused to comment on the situation. However, some employees of acquired startups have already moved from Montreal to California office Apple.

Vrvana was founded in 2005 and is engaged in the development of AR/VR helmet called Totem. It’s a hybrid device that combines the points of augmented and virtual reality. It is capable of tracking head and hands to interact with virtual objects.

Totem also uses a 6DoF tracking system that allows real-time recording images from the cameras and broadcast it on the OLED display, built-in helmet.

The acquisition of Vrvana is proof that Apple is working on its own AR-helmet. If you believe the latest rumors, the company develops unique devices that will work without connecting to a smartphone or computer. It will be installed a dedicated processor, display and new operating system rOS.

Despite the fact that Apple has not commented on the purchase, its attempts to develop augmented reality is more than obvious. Recently, the company released iOS 11 support ARKit, and Tim cook has often said that this is a promising and important direction.

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