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Apple blocks Chinese service, distributing pirated software from the App Store on devices without jailbreak

Pirated software service called vShare and I used the commercial license Apple to distribute illegal copies of top iOS apps and games on devices without jailbreaking. This was brought to the attention of the resource CNNMoney.

Launched in 2011 the app store vShare is known to the jailbreak community as the source of free software. Not so long ago he received a new users post-implementation support iPhone and iPad with iOS 8 and above without jailbreak.

Like other pirate services, vShare operates using the Apple license for enterprise developers. This type of license is required to create applications that are used inside of larger organizations and are not published in the App Store.

The pirates acquired using certificates to create a trusted programs available for download over the Internet, has opened his own illegal app store. Security experts Proofpoint said that to accomplish this task, vShare used four of the Apple Developer Enterprise certificate. The company Proofpoint has informed the colleagues from Apple on the received information.

At the time writing articles trying to download apps from vShare on iOS 8 or iOS 9 won’t bring results. According to the newspaper, Apple has withdrawn one or all of the certificates issued by Chinese service. Currently, vShare is only the owners of iPhone and iPad with jailbreak.

The degree of influence vShare on sales of licensed applications is unknown. But according to recent studies, a popular iOS projects like Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Geometry Dash legally downloaded over 1.4 million times.

Interestingly, vShare user agreement includes a waiver of intellectual property rights. It also States that the service reserves the right to remove any software that violates copyright, if confirmed by relevant documents. However, under the terms of the agreement vShare is not responsible for the published service application.

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