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Apple between past and future: how has the company from Cupertino?

Apple is the market leader that every new product attracts the attention of all world media. But few people think about how the company has changed in recent years. What transformation has occurred with Apple, given the market trends, new product launches and work with Tim cook?

In its history, Apple has always been willing to make radical steps to achieve their goals. This is how we created her most important products, ranging from Macintosh to iPod and iPhone. Very often ideas that play a major role in the philosophy of Apple, remain unchanged for many years. To understand this, you need to go back to the company and to see the present.

55-year-old Tim cook the head of Apple about five years ago, shortly before the death of its legendary co-founder Steve jobs. Under his leadership, the company became more dynamic and open, but it still is mindful of its values and ready to take bold steps. As in the past, Apple determined, make important decisions that sometimes defy logic and market always important to its future.

The legacy of the company Steve jobs still seen in modern, more open Apple. The fundamental difference is that now the Corporation looks more Mature and attentive to the needs of users.

Tim cook, Apple has released a new market segment. “Smart” watch Apple Watch is the first brand new Apple product since 2010, when the company released the iPad, and the first after the death of Steve jobs. Tim cook admitted that the creation of the Apple Watch began after the death of founder of Microsoft and legendary businessman has not had time to attach the arm to the wearable computer.

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Jobs said that people don’t know what they want until they will not show. He often did not take into account the opinion of consumers. Today, the company departs from this principle. The most striking example — a big iPhone. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was the result of the desire of users who wanted to obtain a device with a larger screen. Not accidentally, many owners of Android smartphones began to actively use “oversized” iPhone.

Modern Apple has become more flexible and attentive to market. This year she will release a new 4-inch iPhone for users who prefer a compact device. This flexibility of the Corporation does not affect the quality of the products: they are the result of long research and careful decisions, and to always create value for the company.

Focus Apple focuses not only on the needs of users, but also on current trends in the industry. In this sense, it is easy to explain the launch of Apple Music, Apple Pay, HomeKit and other programmatic innovations of the company. Not to say that it was “unnecessary” products, on the contrary, they offer users new possibilities, expand the ecosystem, tie together the products. But it steps in the same direction with the market. Probably in the past, Apple would not risk to go into such number of niches or would not do it so rapidly.

Associated new services and products with the same Apple? In many ways. The company has taken and is taking decisions that, in its view, determine the future. Take for example the iPad Pro is the gadget, which is quite comprehensive evaluation. On the one hand, it is intuitive, powerful and in many ways a convenient device. On the other – very limited product compared to Microsoft’s Surface, which is as close as possible to the PC. However, Apple believe that it is necessary in the era of post-PC product: 12.9-inch tablet with keyboard Smart Keyboard & stylus pen Apple Pencil should be a perfect replacement laptops and computers for many users.

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Recently, the network appeared the comic image on the subject of desires of consumers. The illustration shows the iPhone 7 with a lot of unnecessary or outdated functions and features: irrelevant interfaces, CD drive, floppy drive, retractable antenna and many other parts. That will be the iPhone if Apple took into account the wishes of everyone.

The determination to abandon it within the DNA of Apple. Often, these steps seem wrong, but many times they become shocks to technology development. The company refused to support Flash in iOS, PowerPC processor, optical drives, FireWire ports on the iPod, floppy drives and left only the USB port-C 12-inch MacBook. According to rumors, the new iPhone 7 will not be a 3.5 mm connector for headphones. In recent years Apple has really become closer to the users, but they preserved their identity and still able to make radical decisions.

Can we expect a more serious transformation of the company in the future? Of course, Apple has ceased to be for us quite unpredictable, but still able to surprise its “one more thing”. The future of the company is connected not only with the production of smartphones, smart watches, tablets and computers: if you pay attention, it significantly expands the ecosystem and builds services.

Apple at the same time you must be careful with the lineup: a large number of products in the past has had serious problems. According to many analysts, this year will be extremely important due to the potential drops across the industry. Therefore, the company must not repeat past mistakes and focus on what’s really important.

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