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Apple believes that life in Russia will change for the better

What the official report says Apple to review the results of the first quarter of the 2016 financial year, which ended 26 December 2015? Traditionally, the emphasis is on statistical achievements. For example, in the last quarter, Apple reported record revenues of $75.9 billion and a record net income of $18.4 billion In total, even of the absolute values of these indicators is enough to treat Apple with envy, admiration or contempt.

In addition to mere figures, the head of the “fruit” of the Corporation Tim cook shared his vision for Russia and other countries whose economy is heavily dependent on prices of hydrocarbons.

“We continue to invest in the markets, which, we believe, in the long term are a great place for Apple, this example can be called India. And even in those markets where today the situation is not quite favorable – from Russia to Brazil and other countries whose economy is strongly linked to oil revenues,” said Tim cook.

Reflecting on the troubles of emerging economies, Apple’s management has admitted that it was forced to raise retail prices for its products in the regions to defend against the strengthening of the dollar. In Russia local currency has weakened against the US dollar by 50%, Brazil 40%, according to Apple. And sooner or later, as the recognized head of the company, the high prices affect the demand.

Apple stressed that it is not going to leave the markets of countries whose economy strongly depends on oil prices. Difficulties sooner or later will give way to stability, and the potential markets of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China), the company from Cupertino appreciates very highly. Moreover, the decrease of domestic prices in terms of dollars allows Apple to save on development and other investments in times of crisis. In China, the company plans to increase the number of branded stores from 28 to 40 by the middle of this year.

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“We believe that this too should pass, and these countries are picking up again. We would like to continue to meet the needs of customers in these countries, so any savings. Fortunately, we are strong enough to continue our investments, and we believe that this position is the best option given the long-term interests of Apple”.

The fastest-growing economy, however, among the BRIC countries now boasts of India. It is the third-largest smartphone market after the USA and China. Thus, there is a very young population – the average age not more than 27 years. Half of India’s population – people aged up to 25 years. Them very Apple expects to attract to its products and ecosystem.

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