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Apple believes in the potential of virtual reality technology

Mark Zuckerberg, Satya Nadella and Larry page have a lot in common. They are very rich, they manage the largest IT corporations and they all recognize the promise of virtual reality. Until recently in this list in the last paragraph does not fit Apple CEO Tim cook, whose company had maintained a silence regarding the technologies AR/VR. However, on Tuesday in a telephone interview with reporters cook clearly stated: virtual reality is a product beyond one niche.

Comment of the head of Apple was very concise, but intriguing. He admitted that virtual reality is not a purely niche solution. According to Tim cook, “virtual reality is really cool,” and she has “a lot of interesting applications”. Of course such a statement does not mean that Apple will soon introduce its own virtual reality device, but to keep abreast of the industry, the company will definitely be.

An example of HTC in this sense – nastradamus in the smartphone segment, the company is optimistic about the market for VR devices. Samsung professes a different approach – the smartphones work in a “virtual reality glasses”, performing all the computational load and providing output to the display.

Google for a year and a half managed to sell 5 million “cardboard glasses” Google Cardboard. The device is simple cardboard “frame” for the smartphone that allows you to work with virtual reality technology. For all time of existence of this product application to work with Cardboard have been downloaded 25 million times, has been viewed 350 000 hours of video in YouTube tailored “virtual” format.

Tim cook spoke for the first time about promising technologies, being the CEO of Apple, has officially marked interest in the VR market as the company’s senior executives. Usually such statements speak not of ordinary research, and on taking a particular commercial course. And even more weight to the words cook gives his recent hiring by the company of one of the world’s leading experts on the interfaces of augmented and virtual reality Professor Virginia Polytechnic Institute Doug Bowman.

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