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Apple began to remove missing App Store in the games from the purchase history

Apple decided to delete purchase history app users, for various reasons, deleted from the online catalog App Store. It is reported App2top, which drew attention to the disappearance of the devices with three popular games.

Users of mobile games on iPhone and iPad drew attention to the fact that after the disappearance of their favorite items from the Apple store, they also disappeared from your purchase history. For this reason, the gamers, including previously paid for a particular product, are not able to access the application for re-download. According to their investigation, the number of such projects are: Bioshock, from 2K Games, Ghost Trick from Capcome, Dead Space from Electronic Arts.

Yesterday also it became known about the destruction of a number of projects Telltale Games. They can still be purchased, using the purchase history, but, for example, IAP-mi in them (including those for which was previously paid) are unable to exploit.

2K Games, Telltale Games and Capcome have already reacted to the incident. These companies promise, after making some changes in game (such as a significant audio bug in The Walking Dead on iOS 9), to bring them back in the App Store.

And here, for example, the authors of Tweetbot even found a solution to the bug. That game was available for download through your purchase history, you need to leave it active in any region App Store.

The fact that the games are removed from your purchase history, it may be a result of the shortcomings of iOS 9, which turned out to be much more stable than the original iOS 8, but still not free of error.

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