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Apple became the Swift programming language open source

Today Apple announced the Swift programming language on the rails project open-source. At WWDC 2015 in June, where he first announced this initiative, the news caused a storm of applause from the audience of developers.

The Swift project was presented by the team of developers at WWDC 2014. It then happened a qualitative leap forward and the company presented its project on which he worked five years — a completely new programming language. Apple tried to create a language that will be spared from the cumbersome heritage Objective-C. Swift was laid in the platform NeXt, which became the basis for OS X and then iOS. Developers can see in real time the results of his programming. The standard “Hello World” in Swift is pretty simple and is written as a single line: println(“Hello World”).

This year at WWDC Apple noted that there is a sufficiently large number of developers have moved to Swift and created awesome games and apps with this simple tool. Nevertheless, language still has a lot of flaws and inaccuracies that developers noted as you work with Swift, and that is why the company has released Swift 2. In addition to all the optimizations, the language contains a qualitative improvement, support for new protocols, simplification of syntax, technology and other panomodules Optimizatsiya convenient for developers moments.

The openness of Swift means that programmers will be able, after studying the source code of a programming language, to expand it at the expense of release of additional tools for developers. In addition, it’s likely we will see a Swift app for the operating systems of other manufacturers.

Today Apple opened the site and announced that the programming language becomes open, and the development tools available for Linux. A guide to programming language available for free in iTunes, language information is found on the company’s website for developers.

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