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Apple became the leader in the ranking of companies concerned about the privacy of users

To protect your privacy from corporations, government agencies and even private individuals every year gets harder. The situation does not save neither the protests nor the laws, nor precautionary. And can’t save, because the battle for privacy has already been lost, according to users and experts on information security.

Non-profit human rights organization Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has published an annual report on the providers of Internet services with the assignment of the rating, based on how they relate to user data and follow the laws, protecting private information. The purpose of the document titled “Someone behind you” — to show that companies need to protect their customer data to the extent possible, from hackers, companies collect information and state. Apple this year received the highest rating of five stars out of five.

In 2013, the EFF awarded Apple just one star. Recently, however, she changed the privacy practices towards transparency. The California Corporation is a member of the coalition to counter surveillance, which stands for the fact that “States should reduce the level of surveillance, to use the data only for legal purposes, not to collect data about Internet communications.

“This is the fifth year the Apple in our rating and it supports all measures that we consider in this report the statement of organization. “We appreciate the company’s commitment to respect the rights of users and privacy”.

Of the 24 companies included in the list, only 8 received a rating of five stars – Apple, Adobe, Credo, Dropbox,, WordPress, WikiMedia, and Yahoo. The lowest estimate, according pravozashitnikov have the WhatsApp messenger and carrier AT&T, which was awarded just one star.

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