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Apple banned developers to change the description of the apps in the App Store without submitting it for moderation

Apple has changed the mechanism of service iTunes Connect, limiting opportunities for developers. Now app creators can’t change the description, notes and metadata of their programs, without sending a new version to be approved App Store.

Until today, developers can at any moment change accompanying information to your app. In particular, the content fields to describe an application and list of changes in the latest version. The only field that now can be corrected without issuing a new version of the privacy policy link.

Now, in order to change the description of the application, developers must create a new version and send it for approval in the App Store. Then you need to wait for the moderators, who will check the application and agree on the release.

This is the first branded online Apple store. Developers of iOS apps can’t change the screenshots or the name of the application without downloading the new version: the company strictly checks these data for compliance with the regulations.

Although this innovation may make life difficult for developers, it will not be a serious problem as could a few years ago. Now most of the applications are moderated within 24 hours, then recently it could easily take a week.

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