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Apple at WWDC will announce the launch of Apple Pay in the UK

Apple prepares to launch its payment system Apple Pay in the UK. According to 9to5Mac, referring to the informed sources, the company plans to announce the expansion of service on Monday at WWDC 2015.

Mobile payment system Apple Pay, submitted in September last year, was launched on 20 October in the U.S. alone, and Apple has not said when the service will become available in other countries. According to unofficial data, the service is available in some stores Australia and Canada. Rumours that the UK will become the first European country where Apple Pay will be available, are reinforced by the fact that another novelty of this year — Apple SIM card — the company initially launched in USA and UK.

According to media reports, Britain’s leading banks have already reached an agreement with Apple to launch Apple Pay in large retail chains in the country. What banks will cooperate with the American Corporation, is not specified. At the same time, said a source with one of the largest banks in the country, the negotiations are deadlocked because of the paragraph that describes what data the users of banking services Apple will be able to access.

However, if Apple decides to launch Apple Pay in the UK, none of the leading Bank doesn’t want to stay on the sidelines. Despite the skepticism of some analysts, the results of the system in the USA showed that in the future the service will be able to convince people to make payments from your smartphone.

Apple Pay works in two ways: you can make purchases either through NFC technology by inserting a smartphone to a special terminal in retail outlets or via the app is a digital wallet Apple Pay. The first option is only available for owners of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, while the e-wallet also works for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3.

Authorisation of transactions takes place with the help of the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. The company charges a Commission of 0.15% of the purchase amount, or 15 cents per 100-dollar payment.

The announcement of new regions of work Apple Pay is expected at the world conference for developers. The launch of a payment service in the UK will take place in the next two months.

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