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Apple asks developers to update their apps for newer versions of macOS

Apple reminded developers that starting from January 2018, all new applications for macOS should support 64-bit processors.

64-bit processors allow the computer to use more resources and use them more efficiently. This increases the performance of the system and individual programs.

The new rules of the host software not affect all. Some developers give Apple a reprieve until June 2018. This applies to those whose applications have already been published in the Mac App Store.

macOS High Sierra is the latest operating system of Apple, which supports 32-bit applications. After the release of the next firmware version older programs will not run. Therefore, all developers should prepare a new version of their app before the release of the updates, even if they don’t plan to sell them in the Mac App Store.

Apple Mac computers equipped with 64-bit processors in 2006. The company long supported the software developed for 32-bit chips.

Previously, Apple refused to support 32-bit applications in iOS 11.

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