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Apple asked for permission to build in Nevada to a new data center Project Isabel worth $50 million

Apple asked the authorities permission to build a new data center in Northern Nevada, reports Buildzoom. The construction of the data center codenamed Project Isabel will cost the Corporation $50 million.

34 600 sq. m. will be located directly to the data center, Parking lot, administrative building and substation generators. The purpose of the new datacenter information yet. It is likely that it will be partially or fully provided by solar energy.

Recent years, Apple has been actively investing in renewable energy. At the beginning of year it became known about the conclusion of an agreement with the energy company NV Energy, under which the company will place in Nevada one solar power plant of 200 MW.

In recent years, Apple has significantly increased its investment in data centers. Last year, the “Apple” giant talked about its plans to open another data center Huckleberry Project in Nevada. Another data center Project under the name of Mills located within the already built properties the Apple. In August last year, the company received permission to build a data center in Ireland.

In the Apple emphasize that the construction of new data centers is accompanied by additional conservation activities. In particular, trees planted on sites previously used for growing trees, not peculiar to the locality.

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