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Apple are unable to recover data with iPhone the missing in the Bermuda triangle of a teenager

Despite all efforts, Apple has failed to solve the mystery of the disappearance of teenagers in the Bermuda triangle. The company’s experts are unable to recover data from iPhone, which has lain on the seabed for more than 8 months.

Over six months had passed since then, as two teenagers from Florida Perry Cohen and Austin Stefanos went fishing in the sea and went missing. The search for the missing continued for weeks, but to find 14-year-old mariners and failed. In March was the discovery of the empty boat, she drifted off the coast of Bermuda. Found on Board the iPhone 6, belonging to one of the young men, Austin Stephanos. Parents Stefanos was hoping for the ability to restore the smartphone of the son, and to access the data in its memory. However, the attempt was not successful.

As the lawyer told the father Stefanos, the research team disassembled the damaged Apple iPhone, cleaned the components and performed diagnostics and chemical analysis devices. To bring back your smartphone to life and failed.

“Although they are unable to recover your phone, I want to thank Apple for their work and assistance in the investigation of the incident, the lawyer said. – If the FBI are turning to Apple, I see no reason to doubt that the company used all possible technical means to restore the phone.

Boat teen found at the bottom about 150 miles off the coast of Bermuda. However, this did not help to determine what happened to Cohen and Stefanos. Access to data in iCloud parents do not have. More precisely, in the cloud, there are no data, because Austin not activated on the iPhone the function of automatic backup. iPhone, who was in the boat, could shed light on the circumstances of the tragedy.

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Experts consider it wrong to draw Parallels between this story and the recent confrontation between Apple and the FBI, the reason for which was the failure of the company to create special software to unlock the iPhone of a terrorist from San Bernardino. First, it is not known whether a password lock on your smartphone. In addition, the internal security rules allow Apple assistance in emergency situations.

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