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Apple approves applications that allow you to hide the cutout screen in the iPhone X

It seems that Apple decided to make an exception and skip to App Store apps that help to hide the pesky “ears” at the top of the screen of the iPhone X.

In App Store there are already several similar apps. As example Notch Remover cost 75 rubles, and its free analogue Notcho.

In fact these programs only add the dark strip on the upper part of the image which you want to set as Wallpaper. The results of this decision can only be seen on the home and lock screens. After starting any app the neckline will again show itself.

Such actions Apple introduces developers astray. In the official manual says to hide the cutout is prohibited. There is a possibility that the rules simply do not apply to such applications.

At the top of the iPhone screen is earpiece and camera TrueDepth developed by Apple especially for biometric identification system face ID. This decision has divided Apple fans into two camps. Many users say they simply do not notice the neckline, while others can not put up with his presence.

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