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Apple appealed the penalty for using the patented technology of the processors of the iPhone and iPad

Apple appealed the fine in the amount of 506 million dollars, which was paid to the University of Wisconsin for illegal use of the patent. This writes 9to5Mac.

Apple filed an appeal, which indicated that a decision on compensation “is fraught with error.” The company also noted that almost every aspect of sentencing and court orders in the Western district of Wisconsin was incorrect.

In 2015, Apple was found guilty of unlawful use of patents. The technology described in the patent, allows for the improved architecture to optimize the performance of the processor and increase autonomy. Representatives of the University of Wisconsin claimed that the patented technology used in Apple’s A7, A8 and A8X. Back then, Apple was ordered to pay a fine of 862 million dollars.

Subsequently, Apple’s lawyers were able to reduce the fine amount to 234 million dollars. But in July 2017, the penalty was increased to 506 million dollars, as Apple continued to use the patented technology before December 2016.

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