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Apple apologized to black adolescents, which was not allowed in the Australian Apple Store

Apple apologized to students one of six Australian schools after allegations of racism. Students criticized the company after being kicked out of the Apple Store, suspecting the desire “to steal something”.

Six teenagers aged 15-16 years old from Melbourne — Petri, Mabior, Mohamed, ISA Abdulahi and Giren — filmed with iPhone incident that happened yesterday in the Apple Store located at the Mall in the suburbs. Adolescents originating from Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Eritrea and Egypt and moved to Australia as children.

They claim that the seller and the Apple Store security guard demanded that adolescents who considered the new iPhone, left the point of sale. Store employees claimed that the visitors can steal. In turn, the adolescents believe that the incident occurred only because of the color of their skin, because no other grounds for suspicion, they did not give.

An Apple representative said that the company is investigating the incident. One of the boys, Mohamed said that the next morning they returned to the store accompanied by their school teachers nick Scott to demand an apology from the store Manager. The Apple Store employee apologized, saying that his statement was taken out of context, and adding that adolescents will be welcome in the store anytime. However, Mohamed stated that he still wants a public apology.

According to Apple, the store Manager apologized to the students and the responsible person at the educational institution. One of the young men, Mr. Mohamed Samra, wrote on his page in Facebook that he is satisfied with how the situation was resolved.

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