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“Apple anyone no money, no bonuses, no pay”

The terms of contracts between retailers and manufacturers, as a rule, sensitive as differ with different partners, and their disclosure of stipulated penalties. Edition NGS was able to figure out on condition of anonymity, how are sales of the flagship smartphones of Apple and Samsung in the Russian retail.

Co-owner of one of the networks said that Samsung pays a bonus for the number of smartphones sold retail at check sales through the MCS system (e-warranty upon registration of the purchase by the seller on the website). Without this bonus partners Samsung, in his words, it would be difficult to earn something.

“As a rule, there was a reward for the sales and marketing Fund that goes to support the sales, is a joint advertising campaign, and there are producers who are ready to make payments by the sellers,” explained the source.

Another top Manager confirmed that net sales of flagship brands practically do not bring profit, although many people think that it is very profitable.

“Apple anyone any money or bonuses not paid, the only thing that may be joint marketing promotions. Undoubtedly, Federal and regional networks there are different delivery terms, including the prices are different. But, for example, the iPhone arrived almost nobody brings, is that at the start. Right now we have a mark-up on the latest iPhone — 7%, given the fact that at the start of the total deficit — that is consider a lot or a little. After the shortage ends, it will be a few percent, sometimes zero, and sometimes the feds in General are trading in the negative. Products such as the iPhone, are a means of attracting the buyer,” he said.

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The source said that a similar situation is observed with other flagship brands, as the largest margin of retail bring the sale of accessories. On the other hand for a mobile operators trade with the minimum margin or no — a way to sell to a customer network connection, and then make money on these services.

The representative of the Federal retailer I am sure that if you compare the profitability of sales of A-brands (Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC) with B-brands (second tier), then the last of them more generous: “They offer more favorable the difference between the purchase cost and the one on the shelf, their conditions are less onerous than some of Samsung. Go to buy Apple or Samsung, but the salesperson will talk the talk to buy the Lenovo or Fly to the seller specifically or Fly with Lenovo will get more than the same “iPhone” or “Samsung””.

As a result, it is estimated that the main income in the retail — approximately 60-65 % — brings trade B-brands. In turn, in his words, A-brands may change the recommended retail price given the competition in the market, and it may even be lower than purchasing, but these conditions can not be broken, because their violation can lose annual bonuses for complying with the terms of the contract.

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