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Apple annoys users by imposing unnecessary functions

Many users began to complain that Apple is forcing them some functions such as Siri and Apple Pay.

IPhone owners began to complain that the smartphone bothers them notifications that they need to complete the configuration of the device. Under the “completion options” is meant attachment of the card to Apple Pay and enable Siri. Those who did not connect these functions have to constantly see pop-up reminders and red icon above the Settings app.

Such an aggressive tactic to promote your corporate payment system and voice assistant brings many iPhone owners out. Some even began to think about how to abandon Apple in favor of Android devices. To someone it will seem strange, because there is no reason not to use these services. In fact, during your basic iPhone settings, only 34% of people connect the payment system of the Corporation.

In the company probably think this behavior is reasonable and beneficial, because Apple gets 0.15 percent from each transaction through Apple Pay perfect and does not want to lose the money. Besides, Tim cook has plans to deprive the world of cash.

And if setting up Siri is still possible to reconcile, then here to enter a credit or debit card you really want and may not all. Someone suffers from paranoia, and someone cards just yet. The obsession Apple in this regard seems excessive.

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