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Apple announces WWDC 2017: presentation 11 iOS and macOS 10.13 on June 5,

Apple has announced that its 28th annual worldwide developers conference (WWDC), which gathers developers from around the world, will be held in the conference center named Machinery in San Jose in early June. The conference, starting on 5 June, will attract developers from different fields to create new applications for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac. During the conference, which will be held from 5 to 9 June, will be presented the new operating system iOS macOS 11 and 10.13.

Every year during WWDC by millions of developers from around the world have the opportunity to explore technology platforms Apple: from programming languages such as Swift, to advanced APIs such as SiriKit, HomeKit, HealthKit and CarPlay. These technologies Apple allow developers to create more unique products that improve all aspects of life users: help manage smart buildings and vehicles, to monitor the health and to solve many other tasks that are created for more than one billion active Apple devices.

WWDC 2017 will be held just a short drive from the new Apple headquarters in Cupertino. Throughout the conference, participants will be able to meet and interact with more than 1000 Apple engineers.

Convention center name Machinery (McEnery Convention Center) will become a center of attraction for thousands of visitors around it within walking distance to great hotels, restaurants and entertainment opportunities. In addition to the opening ceremony, informal meetings, seminars and workshops for developers, Apple jointly with the city administration of San Jose and local companies is planning to celebrate the return of WWDC next special events around town throughout the week.

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Developers can make applications for tickets this spring. The conference will be streamed live on the Apple website for developers in the WWDC app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

The main topics of WWDC’17 will be the iOS operating system 11 and the new desktop platform macOS 10.13. Apple to announce the newest feature of their OS so that developers could more fully use them in their products. The day of the show the new OS is expected to debut a public beta of the new operating systems, and their final release will take place in autumn. Lead the twenty-seventh conference WWDC will be Apple CEO Tim cook.

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