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Apple announced the release of Pokemon Go on Apple Watch

Only the hype associated with Pokemon Go, began to subside, Apple has once again turned its attention to the game, presenting a game for the Apple Watch. Now the owners of “Apple” hours can combine to catch pokemon and sports.

The launch of the popular project about the virtual monsters on the Apple Watch was announced by the head of Niantic’s John Hanke. The user through the wearable computer, Apple will be able to search for pokemon, to carry eggs and perform other actions, as in the original version. On the screen the smart watch will display information about the number of steps taken and calories expended.

Judging by the presented materials, the game design will be more minimalist than the version Pokemon Go on iOS and Android. However, basic functionality, including catch pokemon during Hiking and visiting pokescope will remain.

According to Hanke, since the launch of the game in July of this year Pokemon Go downloaded 500 million times, and players were 4.6 billion km Top Manager added that before the end of the month will be app Pokemon Go Plus, which will allow players to “break away from the screen and immerse yourself in the real world.

Recall that in addition to Pokemon Go on a smartwatch, Apple announced the forthcoming release of the Super Mario games Run on iPhone and iPad.

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