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Apple announced the opening of a new retail store in Germany

Apple continues to implement its plans to expand its presence in Europe. The company has announced that it will soon be opening a new retail shop in Germany that will be hosted in Cologne.

New Apple store opens in the shopping district popular with tourists and locals street Schildergasse. Here is the major shopping malls, flagship stores and branches of the famous fashion brands. Soon there will open the doors of Apple stores.

Apple built a store in Cologne for about two years, so it will be a welcome for local Apple fans. Currently at the point of final work continues associated with the placement of booths with iPhone and Mac as well as interior design.

In a press release that Apple sent to the press stating that employees look forward to opening a new store in Germany, where the company has a lot of customers, and she hopes that with each day their number will only increase.

Currently Apple has more than 450 stores located around the world, with more than 250 of them are in the United States. Grand opening of a new flagship store in Germany is scheduled for March 25.

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