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Apple announced the availability of ResearchKit for iPad

Today Apple announced that a software platform for medical research ResearchKit that helps doctors and scientists with more regularity and efficiency to collect data on health, earned on the iPad.

The launch platform for the iPhone was held in mid-April of this year. The first scientific application created using ResearchKit, help to study asthma, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease, while the number of registered users in iPhone exceeded 60 000 for just the first few weeks of availability in the App Store.

“We are happy and inspired by the responses to ResearchKit from the medical and scientific community, as well as from participants in medical research. Historically, these studies have attracted only a few hundred participants, and now their number is measured in tens of thousands, ” said Jeff Williams, senior Vice President of Apple’s operations. Medical researchers around the world are actively exploring how ResearchKit can help them in learning even more diseases, and we believe that this platform will have a profound impact on the progress in global understanding of health.”

Open software platform allows any medical researcher to use the original modules ResearchKit to study health and a better understanding of the disease. Developers can also create new modules based on the open source code and add them to ResearchKit. Custom source modules help to solve the most common tasks in research: obtaining consent from participants, surveys, and active jobs.

ResearchKit turns an iOS device into a powerful tool for medical research. When you confirm the consent of the participant, the application will access advanced sensors in the iPhone and iPad, including the accelerometer, gyroscope, microphone and GPS that allow you to measure the level of activity, movement disorders, memory and other indicators.

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ResearchKit works with HealthKit software platform, first introduced by Apple in iOS 8, which enables developers to integrate data exchange between applications for health and fitness. With the permission of the participant application ResearchKit can obtain and use data application “Health”, for example, data on weight, blood pressure, glucose levels and the use of the inhaler, which are measured by third-party devices and applications.

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