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Apple announced a big update to the web version of the Photos app to view photos from iCloud

As you know Apple has offered a replacement for two proprietary applications for processing photos in Aperture and iPhoto in the face of the Mac version of the Photo. The release was in 2015, but until then, the company launched the interim solution in the form of the web version. Today, the company announced the release of a major update of the service available on the test website

Updated section allows you to conveniently view your photos from any computer. In the new version the developers have added a sidebar with sections, and tabs Photo Albums, All photos, Videos, favorites, Videos, Recently deleted, Screenshots, and a number of other tools.

“The updated Photos app provides secure storage of Your library files, including video, to the cloud. These files are updated across all your iOS devices and Macs,” said Apple.

Updated the web service resembles the standard photo app on the Mac, there is a strip of photos, a panel with a slider to adjust the size of thumbnails, buttons to download and upload photos, tabs, buttons “Like”, “Load” and “Delete”.

For the first time about the launch of a photo app for computers, the company announced at the world developers conference, presenting the platform OS X Yosemite. As part of this initiative, it was decided to abandon the other two programs for image processing.

It is expected that Apple will update the main website in the near future.

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