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Apple: Android users moving to iOS at a record pace

Despite analysts ‘ predictions of the imminent decline of iPhone sales, the massive demand for the Apple flagships suggests otherwise. During the announcement of the financial results of the quarter, Apple reported a record 48 million iPhones sold in the third quarter of the year. A contributing factor to the increase of smartphone sales was a record number of “defectors” from Android.

According to the head of Apple Tim cook, 30% of buyers in that period were passed onto iOS devices on the operating system Google. The CEO does not hide that in some countries, the success was achieved because of “defectors”. He expressed confidence that the world is still quite owners of Android-smartphone, which in the future wish to switch to iPhone.

In addition, the chief Executive of Apple noted that the indicators of satisfaction and loyalty among iPhone owners significantly higher than the competition. Also the sales of Apple smartphones were able to increase at the expense of regular customers who decided to upgrade their existing machines, and newcomers in the smartphone world who have chosen the iPhone as their first smart phone.

In the past, Tim cook expressed confidence that many people buy Android smartphones, but still come back on the right path in search of a more convenient system. “Android dominates only in the segment of mobile malware”, he said, showing a slide, according to which 99% of these programs installed on Android.

This year, Apple has begun preparations for the migration of users to Android branded smartphones with iOS. Simultaneously with the release of iOS 9, the company released a tool Move to iOS to facilitate this process: to migrate information from “phones” to your iPhone in the most convenient way.

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