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Apple and Xiaomi for the year have retreated in the China market

Apple in the Chinese smartphone market declined for the year is 31.5%, with the result that the company occupies the fifth place ranking. This is evidenced by the report of the analytical company Strategy Analytics.

Analysts estimated the smartphone market of China in the third quarter of 2016. During this period, was implemented 120,9 million mobile devices, an increase of 15% in annual terms.

During the year the balance of power in the market has changed. For example, Xiaomi, not long ago, in the lead in this market, now holds fourth place, as sales declined by 31% to 11.4 million smartphones. The iPhone maker, which also recently was the leader in China, down to fifth place with 7.5 million smartphones sold, which corresponds to a decrease of 31.5%.

Different things companies Oppo and Vivo. These companies greatly increased their sales and now occupies the second and third places. Oppo was able to realize 17 million vehicles, increasing sales by 136%, while Vivo has sold 16.5 million devices, which corresponds to an increase of 81%. If we consider them as part of the group BBK, it is the market leader in China. But analysts do not appreciate the picture, so the leader continues to be Huawei, which sold on the home market of 18 million smartphones, which is 9% more than last year.

If we consider the market in terms of market share, the picture is the following: Huawei — 14,9%, Oppo — 14,1%, Vivo — 13,6%, Xiaomi — 9,4%, Apple at 6.2%.

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