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Apple and U2 have launched bus virtual reality

Thanks to the efforts of Google, Facebook, Samsung, Sony and smaller companies interested in the technologies of virtual reality is now quite large. There is even a startup working to transform the iPad mini into a virtual reality helmet. As it became known, Apple is in conjunction with the Irish band U2 has launched a bus full of “virtual reality”.

The project “The Bus Experience” has become a free application to current Irish tour of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE. Inside, visitors of the London concert band with the help of virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift and headphones Beats can immerse yourself in three-dimensional video for the song “Song For Someone” from the album Songs of Innocence, which Apple gave the iPhone and iPad in September of last year.

Volume picture was taken during a tour of U2. In addition, the concert was captured on camera fans, singing “Song For Someone” at home – so that the visitor of the bus, if she desired them to sing along. The survey was carried out on a spherical camera, so the viewer can turn his head 360 degrees and see everything as if it were directly on the spot.

Before Apple shows song Music, this suggests that Apple has a direct relationship to the project. It is still unknown whether a three-dimensional constant attraction for U2 concerts. Also not clear whether the California giant to continue to develop in the direction of virtual reality. In the past it was reported that Apple had opened a Department to work on hardware and software in the field of virtual reality.

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It is known that the working group in Cupertino is exploring the possibility of augmented reality to create a “revolutionary virtual reality glasses”. Details about the new project are scarce but interest in the market for a company of our size is intriguing. According to some reports, currently, a group of Apple experts will examine all possible scenarios of using a dedicated device, resembling Google Glass.

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