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Apple and SAP turn iOS device into a tool for business

Apple and SAP, the German enterprise software developer, has announced the launch of Cloud Platform tools SDK for iOS designed for creating business applications. The project was the result of cooperation between the companies announced last year.

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS will help customers and SAP partners to create tailored to your own tasks products for Apple mobile devices using the features of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, such as Touch ID, location services and notifications.

For example, the platform allows employees to login to corporate it systems by fingerprint reader on the iPhone or the use of smartphones as data collection terminals warehouses. Application development will be done using Swift programming language.

Apple and SAP announced a partnership in early may 2016. Then it was noted that a feature of programs that its partners will use the platform for storing and processing data in SAP HANA. The application was planned to address to doctors, vendors, field technicians, etc.

It should be noted that SAP and Apple have long-standing partnerships. According to research Agency Gartner, the American Corporation uses SAP software to manage its global production and logistics. In 2010, SAP was ordered from Apple about 4 thousand iPads for their employees. Interestingly, the order was made before the official announcement tablets.

According to a statement by SAP, the software vendor is used in 87% of the 2,000 largest companies in the world. Apple gets access to them, as well as approximately 2.5 million developers who create unique programs for accounting, personnel management, organization of production and sales, etc.

As announced, developers will get access to tools SAP Cloud Platform SDK in March of this year. Later, you will be running a training programme for developers of the SAP Academy for iOS.

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