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Apple and Samsung – the leaders of the rating in the satisfaction of smartphone users

Apple and Samsung are the leaders of the mobile market. The popularity of the devices these companies has been confirmed by recent research firm J. D. Power and Associates. In the ranking, reflecting the degree of satisfaction of users, iPhone owners are the most satisfied with their smartphones from the number of clients, operators Verizon and T-Mobile, while owners of Samsung devices are the leaders in satisfaction among smartphone subscribers to AT&T and Sprint.

The degree of satisfaction with the smartphone is determined by five key factors: performance (25%), ease of use (21%), battery (20%), design (19%) and function (16%). The study was conducted during February-August 2016.

Overall rating

Apple scored in the rating J. D. Power in four American operators from 828 to 843 points out of 1,000 possible. While the closest competitors of the iPhone as Samsung (from 790 to 842 points) and Motorola (768 to 804 points). Products of all manufacturers, except Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and LG were below the average satisfaction in the industry.

A rating of AT&T

The Rating Of Verizon

In J. D. Power has compiled the rating taking into account not only the manufacturer of the mobile device, but also of belonging to a particular operator. The researchers note that in the survey participated 12 248 smartphone owners with a lifetime of the device not more than a year, signed a contract with one of the four largest U.S. mobile operators.

The Rating Of Sprint

A Rating Of T-Mobile

Among the largest U.S. carriers according to the degree of satisfaction with the smartphone lead subscribers to AT&T (832 points), followed by Verizon customers (825 points), Sprint (824 points) and T-Mobile (821 points). Overall satisfaction with smartphone users is calculated in this time is 781 points out of 1,000 possible.

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