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Apple and Nike have agreed to pay compensation lawsuit users smart wristband Fuelband

Apple and Nike have reached an agreement out of court lawsuit initiated by the owners of the fitness bracelet Fuelband. The company did not admit wrongdoing, but concessions to the plaintiffs. Under the agreement the company agreed to pay compensation to consumers.

Lawsuit against Apple and Nike in 2013 asked the Supreme court a California resident Carolyn Levin, who bought the tracker Fuelband. The plaintiff stated that Nike had deceived consumers, because in their advertising claimed that the bracelet will monitor the burning of calories each during movement and to make these data on the iPhone, and users of the bracelets will be able to share your achievements in social networks.

In fact, the wristbands Nike+ Fuelband does not track every calorie, which means that Nike was false and leads people astray. Before sue, American conducted an experiment and found that the bracelet does not perform the claimed function, believing the same calorie burning people at different physical activities.

Levin argues that given depending on the type of human body, metabolism and fitness level, the device must have specialized algorithms for exact counting calories.

Under the terms of the agreement lawsuit, victims Fuelband users who are U.S. residents and who are not satisfied with the accuracy of measurements of a smart bracelet, you can count on compensation in the form of the payment of $ 15 cash or $25 gift cards.

To receive compensation under the claim can Fuelband users who bought the device from 19 January 2012 to 17 June 2015. You can place your order on the website until January 4, 2016.

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