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Apple and Bain Capital discussed the terms of participation in the acquisition of business Toshiba

A few weeks ago it became known that Apple invests $ 3 billion to buy part of the production of microchips Japan’s Toshiba. According to Bloomberg, the members of the consortium that bought the unit, agreed on the terms of joint ownership.

As notes the edition, the final version of the contract will be announced later. Most likely, Apple will have the opportunity to buy microchips for future devices at a reduced cost and increase the order as one of the owners of shares of the company.

Microchips manufactured by Toshiba are used in different Apple devices. While their value appears directly on the price of the finished product. In confirmation of this Apple without warning increased the price of iPad Pro 2017 due to the increase in the cost of flash NAND.

Rumors that Toshiba intends to sell part of production to cover the losses, appeared earlier this year. The unit for the production of microchips was originally estimated at $ 22 billion, in the end the parties agreed on an 18 billion, of which three have paid Apple. The consortium who bought the trade, has obtained 49.9% of the shares. Another 10.1% of the securities Toshiba plans to sell separately.

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