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Apple, AMD and Intel sued because of mistakes Meltdown and the Spectre

Patently Apple on January 15 reported that in Israel Apple, AMD and Intel sued. This happened after the recent detection of errors Meltdown and the Spectre, which all Mac and iOS devices are under potential threat.

Apple, AMD and Intel were engaged in the vulnerability and has already released the necessary updates. It allows applications to access sensitive data that must be protected. The error is present in virtually all desktop and mobile processors manufactured in the last decade.

In some cases, Apple, AMD and Intel have corrected the problems with software developers and hardware manufacturers. However, these corrections can significantly affect system performance, especially on machines with Windows.

Most of the trials initiated against those responsible for oversight of the creation of processors. Apple named the latest revision, filed in the district court of Haifa, together with AMD and Intel. However, this is only a request: the court will only decide on the continuation of the trial.

“Our worst nightmares have come true, and giant tech bubble burst. Since the announcement of the companies about the vulnerabilities of their products, we realized that we live in a world of fantasy, and we don’t have even the minimum of privacy,” writes the lawyer Rimon Senate.

According to Patently Apple, the court will decide on the continuation of this case “in the coming weeks.”

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