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Apple agreed to the transfer of personal data of Russians in Russia

Apple has agreed to migrate the data of Russian users to Russian servers, according to “Kommersant”. American giant computer electronics have already chosen a partner for localization of data — it is the company IXcellerate.

This information has been a source familiar with the situation and the source confirmed in a large it company. According to him, IXcellerate won the tender, which Apple held in late July.

The representative of IXcellerate Dean Nurieva declined to comment. Also entered in the Apple. In addition to the Apple data center IXcellerate chose the company, an agreement which was also signed in the summer.

Companies that breach the new requirements of the act, which came into force on 1 September, the risk of being in the register of infringers of rights of personal data subjects and their websites by a court decision can be blocked. An exception in the law only for the ticket reservation system – they are subject to international agreements.

Today Roskomnadzor said about locking the first resource found in violation of the revised law on personal data, according to which store and process personal data of Russian citizens is possible only on servers located in Russia. Under the ban came database “All subscribers of telephone networks in Russia. Part 2”, the website of the Ministry.

Note that in August last year, Apple reached an agreement with China Telecom about storing user data on server capabilities in China. All data storage which provides Chinese operator, encrypted, as well as in other data centers around the world.

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