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Apple again sued, this time for the Apple Watch

Apple will have to answer in court for their marketing campaign. The Corporation calls its watches “perfectly protected from scratches”. One of the owners of the device denied this and sued the company.

21-year-old Dean Lubaki in September 2017 bought a ceramic Apple Watch with Milanese bracelet weaving. After he was confronted with the fact that the magnet on the back of the watch attracts the metal band, causing the back side of the gadget is severely scratched.

“The problem is an ill-conceived design. The strap may damage the watch, and Apple nowhere it is mentioned,” said Dean.

Lubaki also added that trying to replace your watch at the Apple Store, but store employees refused him despite the fact that earlier he had bought the extended warranty AppleCare+. After that, the victim went to court that the Corporation shall compensate him for the cost of the watch and on the guarantee, and compensation for moral damages.

“I want to get the money for tested me stress, money and time are no longer able to return,” added Lubaki.

After Dean went to court, Apple employees contacted him and offered to replace the watch, but he refused and decided to defend their rights in court.

Recently on Apple is increasingly attacked. Recently, the Corporation filed a lawsuit because of the keyboard design of the MacBook and MacBook Pro. In this regard, the Corporation even had to run the service program on free computer repair to please users.

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