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Apple again asks to let her sell refurbished iPhone in India

07.02.2017 0 Comments

Apple made another attempt to enter the Indian smartphone market. She applied for permission to sell in this country the iPhone marked Refurbished or “remanufactured”. The resolution would make Apple the first manufacturer who received such a right. However, the move sparked a wave of resistance.


Apple again asks to let her sell refurbished iPhone in India

Apple is asking the Indian authorities to provide her with significant relief in taxes and be allowed to be sold in the country used the iPhone. It is reported that the company is currently discussing the possibility of organizing production of smartphones on the territory of the Republic. At the same time in Cupertino hope that Indian authorities are willing to make a number of concessions. These include the granting of licenses for implementation in the country at reduced prices of used iPhone, the tax burden for Apple for 15 years, and the reduction of certain fees.

If Apple representatives reached a final agreement with the Indian government, then Apple may start production of smartphones in the district of the city of Bangalore in late April. However, the media concluded that the authorities of the Republic is skeptical about the possibility of selling used iPhone.


Indian smartphone market is growing rapidly, attracting manufacturers. But it is the demand for low-cost devices — up to $ 150. At the same time, the most affordable smartphone Apple — iPhone SE — $ 400. In other words, the new Apple smartphones have little chance in India.

Apple again asks to let her sell refurbished iPhone in India

In turn, the import of used smartphones is also a concern, as, in fact, it opens the gates for a flood of “e-waste” disposal problem which India has faced in full. Under a strike will also be manufacturers of smartphones that use local production that is creating jobs. These arguments of the representatives of the industry are trying to convey to the leadership of the country.


Previously, the government of India did not give any company permission to import and sale of second-hand smartphones in the country. Apple promises that if she gets a license, these devices will be held in the territory of India all the necessary maintenance. The Corporation assured that pre-owned iPhone will meet all the safety requirements existing in the Republic.

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