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Apple after Google started to collect and blur the personal data of users

In September 2016, Apple has begun testing a new technology for collecting user data, and now are introducing it in their new products. Reported by analysts LeapYear Technologies. Technology solves the pressing problem: to obtain data about the users, not spying on them. To blur personal data, the technology adds the analyzed data to the statistical noise.

Modern analysis tools are able to find relationships in large databases. Therefore, they are able to identify where the need for anonymity. This worries experts. For example, two years ago, researchers at mit have discovered that it is possible to identify buyers of shops, linking accounts social networking with credit cards or shopping.

“People have no idea how easily their data can cease to be anonymous” – says the founder of a startup LeapYear Technologies, Iskhan of Nerurkar.

Apple is often criticized for lagging behind competitors such as Google, which has made a big step forward in the recognition and languages for virtual assistants and unmanned vehicles. While access to data has helped companies like Google to develop artificial intelligence, Apple has interfered with private privacy policy. To date, the Corporation did not collect user data, but to succeed in the era of artificial intelligence, Apple will have to do, says associate Professor at University of California Ephraim Guha of Thakurta. Until January 2017, he participated in the development of systems Apple’s privacy. One of the main advantages of artificial intelligence he calls differential privacy.

A year ago, this term was known only to scientists, but today is it used by Microsoft and Uber. So companies can create their products and to analyze the data, but not tying them to specific people.

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Previously, Apple has analysed how people use emojis and slang on the iPhone. Now the Corporation is trying to obtain more data on the health status of the user and visited their web pages, said software engineer Apple, Kate Skinner. Differential privacy Apple already protects millions of records, which it receives from Apple computers, iPhone and iPad.

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