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Apple adds iOS 10 74 new Emoji

Good news for all lovers to communicate via emoticons: iOS 10 is coming big update of the set of characters Emoji. In the new operating system Apple users are waiting for right 74 new funny faces. The Unicode consortium reserved a space for new icons, including shame, which is used to Express feelings of shame for another person.

Just imagine how the people of “the Unicode Consortium” to discuss the need for the introduction of pictograms depicting the avocado, Princess, fried bacon, dancer, croissant or owls. The icons chosen on the basis of frequent queries in the network, or the necessity of their appearance. Among the emojis, will make its debut in iOS 10, there are symbols depicting the selfie, a clown, a handshake, a shame, a pregnant woman, a withered flower, an eagle, the snout of a Fox, a duck, Boxing glove, bat and others.

Thanks to the previous version of the Unicode standard, recall, iPhone users and Mac appeared “politically correct” Emoji different colors, and gay emoticons.

The official presentation of iOS 10 is expected after two and a half months. The platform will have a number of changes, one of which concerns the application Photo. According to reports, users will get enhanced features for editing the EXIF metadata directly in the program. In addition, the expected emergence of face recognition for photos Face Detection.

Another innovation relates to all system applications in iOS. With the release of “dozens” for iPhone and iPad allow to hide from the home screen unused standard program.

The first beta of iOS 10 is due out on 13 June, the opening day of WWDC 10, the final version will debut this fall.

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