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Apple added to the list of obsolete products, Apple TV 2G

Owners of Apple products may obtain service and spare parts at authorized service centers within 5 years after the product is discontinued from production. Two years later, Apple discontinues support for technologically obsolete and end-of-life products. Apple today added the list of the “old” Apple TV second generation.

Apple TV 2G debuted in 2010 and was the first device from the set top box Apple black case and a aluminum remote. Apple TV 2G got the Apple A4 processor and support for video in 720p resolution. The next model of Apple TV 3G has been equipped with the A5 chip and supported the resolution.

Obsolete products are those that were discontinued 5 to 7 years ago. They are subjected to limited regulations maintenance. End-of-life products — the second type of devices. Those discontinued more than 7 years ago. Apple caters to them and makes no exceptions. Service representatives do not have the possibility to order spare parts for end-of-life gadgets.

Apple TV 2G is now officially a legacy product, that is, the set-top box will still be serviced in the USA and Turkey. In all Apple retail stores and in the Asia-Pacific region, Canada, Europe and Latin America working with a grocery list for US, but for them there is no difference between obsolete and end-of-life products. For retail Apple stores and these regions above all the products from the list obsolete for the USA (all models) are out of operation.

Next in the list of outdated device Apple TV third generation. The device went on sale in 2012.

We will remind, in September 2016 the list of obsolete in the U.S. and Turkey emerged from the operation in other countries, has entered a 20-inch iMac release in 2009 and released in 2010, Mac mini and Mac mini Server. In October last year, they were joined by the iPhone 4, MacBook Air 2010 13-inch MacBook Air, AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule, 3G and 2G, and in November – two models of the 2011 MacBook Pro, Mac mini 2009 and 13-inch MacBook 2009.

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