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Apple added the symbol of the ruble on the keyboard of new MacBook

Apple struck on the keyboard of new MacBook symbol of the ruble, established by the Council of the Federation in the past year. A sign is placed on the key with the letter “R”.

Earlier, the Chairman of the technical Committee TC 22 “Information technology” has sent letters to Apple and Microsoft — he said that to enter the symbol of the ruble on the keyboard it is preferable to use a combination of two keys: right and Cyrillic Alt or right Alt key with the symbol “8”. In the end, Microsoft decided to use the symbol of the Russian currency right Alt and 8, and Apple — right Alt and Cyrillic R.

On virtual keyboards iPhone and iPad introduced by the Bank of Russia sign is present from last year. In iOS 8 the symbol of the ruble was replaced with dollar bills, but to enter a dollar sign or Euro, you need to hold the button for a few seconds. Most likely this move is made because the ruble symbol appeared recently, so it should attract the attention of users.

In December 2013 the Central Bank formally adopted a crossed letter “R” as a graphic symbol of the ruble. At the same time the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina told about the plans to issue ruble coin with a new sign. It is planned that the new symbol will be printed on the bills.

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