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Apple added the Apple campus Park at icon Cards

Apple on Monday, 14 August, released the sixth beta of iOS 11, which changed icons and App Store Cards. On the Map s icon now has a schematic reference to the Apple campus Park.

In September Apple will unveil iOS 11, and now the developers and participants of the open beta test can find pre-Assembly platform. In each of the next beta users are finding new changes. This time Apple added in the IOS not only new features but also a few visual changes.

First, changed the icon a map service Apple Maps. Now it has a schematic reference to the new Apple campus Park, located in the vicinity of Cupertino.

However, the appearance of the circle on icon may not relate to the new campus. In the network appeared the opinion according to which part of the circle — this is only a fragment of the transport interchange in the vicinity of the complex.

Secondly, Apple’s developers changed the App Store logo. Now instead of a brush, pencil and ruler, which made the letter “A” in iOS 10, logo the app store is made of three intersecting lines.

Learn more about the changes in iOS 6 beta 11 can be read in a special material here.

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