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Apple added in iOS 11 new gesture to zoom in on the maps with one finger

In iOS 11 there is a new way of scaling. To change the level of detail – zoom in or zoom out – you can use convenient gestures with one finger.

Apple Maps in iOS 11 got a new quick zoom. Enlargement and reduction scale of the map is carried out using single and double taps one and two fingers. To zoom you must double tap with one finger, and to zoom out – a single tap with two fingers.

At the same time in iOS 11 the developers made gesture, about which few know and which is not written in the official guide. To decrease or increase the scale holding the iPhone with one hand, you have to double-tap the map and holding your finger to make a “swipe-down” or “swipe up”, respectively.

Apple announced iOS 11 at a special event June 5, and released the first public beta version of “OSes” – June 27. The platform is compatible with all iPhone and iPad working iOS 10 except for 32-bit models.

In addition to mapping application in iOS 11 reworked many features, including voice assistant Siri, which was supported by text commands instead of voice, a new control room and recording video from iPhone and iPad. Also, there are file Manager “Files” to quickly explore the content of local and cloud storage.

The final version of iOS 11 will be released in September this year and over the summer is expected to have multiple test assemblies.

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