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Apple added in iOS 11 mode “picture in picture” for the cameras HomeKit

The new test versions of iOS 11 allows you to learn about the various innovations of the platform, which was announced during WWDC 2017. One such feature is the ability to view video from surveillance cameras HomeKit in the mode of “picture in picture”.

Apple first added the mode “picture in picture” on the iPad in iOS 9. With this feature you can play videos in window resizable, which is not blocked by other applications, so you can watch a movie or TV show, doing other things: browsing, email or playing.

11 iOS on the iPad allows you to use the “picture in picture” in order to remotely monitor what is happening at home or in the office using the capabilities of the Apple HomeKit. Using the platform “smart home” not only can you include an image from the surveillance camera at the front door, but also, for example, to close the doors or start the script remotely from an iOS device. As if you were at home.

The announcement of the iOS operating system 11 took place at WWDC in June 2017. At the moment, was released three beta versions of the OS, which Apple improved stability and updated the interface and added new features.

Official iOS version 11 will be released in September, it should significantly extend the capabilities of the iPad, where among other things there will be new multitasking, improved dock, instant notes, a new Item management, and more.

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