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Apple added in iOS 11 function restart iPhone with broken power button

With the release of the first iOS version 11 it took almost a week, many users have already managed to test the system and tell you about new features that were concealed from Apple. Along with many changes in OS, the company updated the function AssistantTouch, which you can now reboot your device if it does not work the power button.

Section AssistiveTouch appeared in iOS 5 and allows you to perform actions such as turning off the screen, return to the home screen, adjusting volume, etc. this Utility can be extremely useful in cases if any of the physical buttons of the iPhone or iPad stops working.

The AssistiveTouch feature set was pretty decent in iOS 10 and iOS 11 was even better. AssistiveTouch now means you can reboot the device directly from the interactive menu.

In order to configure a function, you need to go to Settings -> General -> Universal access. Here select “AssistiveTouch” and add item “Restart” in “top Menu”.

This is another example of how a small innovation can bring benefits to millions of people.

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