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Apple added in iOS 11 five different types of taps

IOS 11, presented at the beginning of June, received a number of innovations, including new Files, updated App Store, platform support augmented reality ARKit, improved Camera application and Photos with new formats HEIF/HEVC, and updated the iPad interface. One of the key innovations on tablets became the new gestures system, which supports five different types of taps.

Apple is not accidental, advertising iOS 11, uses the slogan “a Big step for the iPhone. A giant leap for the iPad.” Innovations not yet turn iPad into a Mac, but a gradual movement in the direction of such transformation is evident. IPad users got a new Dock, which is available from any screen, drag and drop content between apps, improved keyboard.

Among other things, iOS 11 the developers have overridden the system of gestures. Now iPad user can use five different types of presses:

  • Tap.
  • Tap with a small hold to drag.
  • More long tap to delete/move apps.
  • Special medium-long tap for popup menus in the dock bar.
  • Retention of messages in the notification center.
  • With the first all is clear – it is the most common clicking on icons. The second tap is designed to speed up the work and make the experience of using the system more seamless. He first appeared in iOS 11 and allows you to quickly move content between applications. Quite short, click on the photo or highlighted text and you can move them to another application or the OS section. Similarly, you can rearrange icons on the screen, putting them in the move mode.

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    With the third tap, the questions arise, it is present in the previous version of iOS. But with four more interesting. If you press and hold the icon in the dock, but let go before will activate move mode, a popup window will appear with the list of recent documents. It works with applications, Files, Pages and some others.

    Finally, the fifth type of Tapa in iOS 11 simulates the pressing of 3D Touch. Apple apparently realized that it was useless to prove the necessity of this technology on the device. So if the notification center on the iPad, press and hold the message, then after a few moments a window will appear on the iPhone with 3D Touch support.

    In addition to the gestures complement the experience of using iOS 11, the output of which is scheduled for September of this year, many little things: for example, integrated with the control panel of multitasking, which opens with a simple swipe up from the bottom edge, and an improved keyboard that allows you to enter numbers or “alternative” characters ( # , @, etc.), swipe across the corresponding letter key of keyboard without switching specifically for the keyboard symbols.

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