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Apple added in iOS 11 feature that customers have been asking for several years

In iOS 10 and earlier versions to view GIF images in the standard Photos app was impossible. Owners of iPhone and iPad could share animated pictures in the media library but they always remained static. iOS 11 to remedy the situation – users get the opportunity to view the GIF standard means.

Moreover, iOS 11, you can quickly find a. GIF image, so as to have a separate folder “Animated”, like for screenshots.

Innovations seem minor, but it is something that users have asked Apple for a few years. Moreover, in iOS 10 have appeared the App Store for iMessage, so GIF animation began to use more often. More and more third-party developers implemented support for “gitk”, and now, finally, the standard Photos app is able to work with animated images.

iOS 11 is in beta testing, so it is likely that the final release Apple will refuse to function. Though the visible reasons for this.

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