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Apple added in iOS 10, more than 100 “politically correct” Emoji, gay flag, water gun and a female Builder

The fourth beta version of iOS 10 Apple has redesigned the most popular Emoji and added over 100 new icons, including the image of the rainbow flag of the LGBT community.

In the released Monday the beta version of iOS 10, users have discovered many new emoticons, and also rethought the appearance of some of them. Most of the new Emoji are designed to display the new characters, and also popular sports. Apple noted that the icons are selected on the basis of frequent queries in the network or the need of their appearance.

Apple worked together with “the Unicode Consortium” in order not to circumvent each category of users. So, in iOS 10 there were “women’s” Emoji depicting cyclist, runner, swimmer, Builder and others. In addition, the collection of emoticons added rainbow flag – color symbolism of the gay community.

To give emojis a more modern appearance, Apple has revised the design of many icons. As told in the Apple Emoji with persons now use the new gradient style that makes them more voluminous and alive. Icons have become more like classic Emoji from the chat.

As before, the mechanism of insertion ” Emoji makes it possible to use new icons representing different shades of skin color. You can use them with other icons depicting a human face, so they can change the color. A total of six possible skin tones.

It is noteworthy that Apple added in iOS 10 the image of a water gun instead of firearms. The company believes that such icons have no place on the iPhone and iPad screens. Earlier at the insistence of Apple “the Unicode Consortium” expelled from the Unicode edition, the image of a rifle and shot.

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