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Apple added 3D Flyover to 20 new cities in Europe and the USA

Apple’s expanded coverage of three-dimensional view of urban landscapes Flyover on their maps: more than 20 localities found volumetric shape. To use maps, Apple may iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Apple maps is characterized by several features, such as “light” vector graphics, improved utilization in the “offline”, reducing spent traffic, voice navigation, three-dimensional mode Flyover. Flyover in Apple maps is based on the technology startup C3 Technologies, which makes it possible to reconstruct three-dimensional urban landscapes increase. Is clearly visible the roofs and walls of houses, streets and trees.

In recent months users have reported improvements demonstrated by the map service of Apple. Progress was seen for the Flyover. Recently the company added Flyover support for new cities in France, UK, USA and other countries.

The list of new cities to the 3D Flyover includes:

  • La Coruna, Spain
  • Ajaccio, France
  • Arkon, France
  • Bastia, France
  • Besançon, France
  • Blackpool, UK
  • Bonifacio, France
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • Calvi, France
  • The Court, France
  • Ghent, Belgium
  • Guaymas, Mexico
  • Messina, Italy
  • Mobile, USA
  • Newcastle, Australia
  • Nottingham, UK
  • Porto-Vecchio, France
  • Propriano, France
  • Raleigh, NC, USA
  • Salamanca, Spain
  • San Sebastian, Spain
  • Taichung, Taiwan
  • Wichita, KS, USA

Full list of cities for which is covered by Flyover published on the Apple website. Does the company plan to shoot Flyover on the territory of Russia, is still unknown.

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